ODOT Looks Back On Successful 2019, With An Eye 2020

Friday, December 27th 2019, 11:56 pm
By: Amber Gerard

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation released its 2019 year-end report Friday.

The report highlights some of the agencies biggest projects in 2019 and those set to begin in 2020. 

“We have some of the worse bridges ratings in the entire nation,” said Cody Boyde with the Oklahaoma Department of Transportation. 

Which is why in 2019 ODOT made bridge repair a top priority. The goal, according to Boyde, is to have 99% of the bridges in the ODOT bridge system rated structurally efficient.

“This is a very ambitious goal that would put us among the top 10 in state DOT’s in terms of bridge ratings in the nation,” said Boyde.

Major bridge projects in 2019 include the opening of the $11 million Southwest 34th Street bridge over I-35 in Moore.

“And then just south of us between Purcell and Lexington the replacement of that bridge with a modern four lane structure after so many years of maintenance issues was a big accomplishment” said Boyde. 

As far as bridge projects in 2020?

"In Oklahoma City metro area drivers are very familiar with some of the worst bridges that we have left and those are on I-40 in Del City,” said Boyde. 

They would be the I-40 bridges over Crutcho Creek and SE 15th Street and Sooner Road.

Boyde said the three bridges going in each direction will be replaced at the same time. 

Bids for the project will begin in February. It is expected to be completed in late 2022.

"It will definitely be a traffic headache,” said Boyde. 


And then of course there is the I-235 expansion project at the I-44 interchange.


“Drivers who travel through there frequently will notice some major changes that are happening with the supports now being in place and the beams are going to be hung soon to start putting those flyover ramps and bridges into place,” said Boyde. 


Eventually, there will be four lanes on I-235 between NE 36th Street up through the interchange ending at N. 63rd Street. 


Boyde said, “It will be a modern four level inter chia he rather than an outdated cloverleaf interchange that drivers have been dealing with for years.”