Bethany Police Search For Break-In Suspect

Monday, December 30th 2019, 12:00 am
By: Storme Jones

Folks in Bethany are making sure to lock up tonight after a thief takes off with items from an unlocked vehicle.

Video footage shows the alleged thief checking car doors in the 7500 block of NW 24th Street in Bethany.



“My sense of peace is gone,” Shena Martin said. “Thank God for security cameras, though.”

“Yesterday was my son’s tenth birthday, we were getting ready to go pick up his cake and the moment we tried to get into the truck, I noticed my driver’s seat was filled with bags of chips and trash,” she said. “The moment you don’t expect something, something happens.”

Martin said the man started checking doors on the west side of her block, making his was to the east. She said her sister-in-law also had a vehicle broken into a block away.

“The only thing he seemed to manage to take out of it was a wallet with a lot of personal information in it, which shouldn’t have been in there,” she said. “Lesson learned.”

Martin said while the documents and identification can be replaced, the wallet carried sentimental value. She and her husband purchased it on their honeymoon.

“I hope you do the right thing and bring it back,” she said. “And if you don’t, you’ll have a lot of people coming after you, including the cops.”