GRAPHIC: Video Captures Blackwell Officer Shooting, Killing Armed Woman

Monday, December 30th 2019, 10:29 pm
By: News 9

Police dashcam video captured a Blackwell police officer unleashing a barrage of gunfire, killing a woman inside a pickup. The officer-involved shooting happened in May 2019

In December 2019, Lt. John Mitchell was indicted by a grand jury on a second-degree murder or first-degree manslaughter charge.

According to the report, the deadly shooting occurred during a pursuit involving the suspect Micheal Ann Godsey. She reportedly shot at another officer. The pursuit ended with Godsey shot dead as she was driving.

According to the initial report, a Blackwell police officer responded to a home to investigate a call of shots fired. Godsey was on scene armed with a gun, and after several minutes, made it clear she was not going anywhere.

Here’s an excerpt from the dashcam video:

Police: “Micheal!”

Police: “Micheal, put the gun down!”  

Godsey: “You first.”  

Police: “Put the gun down.”              

Police: “Micheal, Micheal, put the gun down, okay? Micheal.”        

Godsey: “I said get back in your car and get on back down the road!”   

Police: “Micheal!”                                              

Godsey: “You ain't putting me in jail bubba.”     

Police: “Micheal! Toss that gun out!”          

The officer exchanged gunfire as Godsey drove away.

Minutes later, the officer's supervisor, Lt. Mitchell joined in the pursuit, firing several shots from several yards down the road.

Police: “I've fired shots at the vehicle, I don't know if I hit.”              

Back inside his SUV, Lt. Mitchell continued to fire with an AR through his windshield as he passed his fellow officers.  

As the truck turned left, and came to a stop, Lt. Mitchell jumped out of his vehicle and unloaded his AR.

Out of bullets, he tossed it and emptied his pistol.

The pickup's brake lights turned off. Officers approached after the truck rolled forward and came to a rest.

Lt. Mitchell was heard telling fellow officers he unloaded at least 60 rounds.

Lt. Mitchell: “I put about 60 rounds in her pickup.”    

Lt. Mitchell then called for an ambulance.       

Then, he used the barrel of his rifle to break out the driver's window.

Later, Lt. Mitchell was heard telling the officers involved to stay quiet until they've got adequate rest.

Police: “We're not discussing this amongst ourselves, and we're not talking to anybody for at least three sleep cycles. You guys got that? We don't talk amongst ourselves; we don't talk to OSBI, we don't talk to anybody until we get those sleep cycles in. Alright?”

Watch the full video below: 

News 9 requested dashcam video multiple times from Blackwell but has yet to hear back.

The Fraternal Order of Police has thrown their support behind the officer.