Bodycam Released: Man's Suicide Attempt Injures UCO Student

Tuesday, December 31st 2019, 10:20 pm
By: News 9

A University of Central Oklahoma student was taken to a hospital with a broken hand after police said a suicidal driver rammed his car into a dumpster. 

Bodycam video captured the aftermath near the UCO campus in Edmond.

According to police, the driver was attempting suicide and unknowingly struck the student as she took out the trash.

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When emergency responders arrived, it took them several minutes to move through and process a very chaotic scene.

Here’s an excerpt from the panicked call for help from a bystander that witnessed the crash.

Caller: “Are you okay? Are you okay? 911 there was an accident! Ma’am open the door, are you okay?”  

According to police, Jahuan Long was behind the wheel of the mangled red car when he intentionally plowed into the dumpsters.

Unsure of his injuries, the 911 caller insists that Long stay put.

Caller: “Don't move! Don't move him! Don't touch him!”              

The caller told the dispatcher there had been a terrible accident.

Caller: “It's a wreck, he wrecked everywhere!”

911: “What do you mean he wrecked everywhere?” 

Caller: “I don't know! There's a lady over here!”

Caller: “A lady is hit. He hit a trashcan! Oh my God!”             

Police arrived and found multiple people trying to help.

Witness: “I'm guessing the driver is here and there's a female is over here.”       

Police: “Okay.”                             

Police were told a woman standing near the dumpsters at the time of impact was thrown into a tree line nearly 80 feet away.

After being placed in handcuffs, Long told officers that after getting into a fight with his lover he got into his car and, "closed his eyes and pushed the pedal to the ground to drive as fast as he could."

Long also told police he felt two collisions, but he wasn't sure what he hit. Long faces a charge of reckless driving.