Putnam City Students To Represent Oklahoma In London New Year's Day Parade

Tuesday, December 31st 2019, 11:59 pm
By: Amber Gerard

The Putnam City High School District orchestra  is the only orchestra from the U.S. to perform in London’s New Year's Parade and concert in series at the renowned Cadigan Hall.

Monday, they debuted "Electric Evening."

High schoolers from Putnam City, Putnam City West and Putnam City North performed.

“Instead of just one school going we decided to join forces. Put our groups together and make a giant orchestra of 107 students,” said Levi Dobrinski, Orchestra Chair for Putnam City Schools. 

An Oklahoman conductor was commissioned to write the piece entitled, "Electric Evening."

“The energy that is in our town as it grows and combine that with the elements of weather that we see," said Dobrinski. 

The piece required hours of preparation, practice and fundraising.

“Kids were earning money left and right. Every way they could to pay for the trip,” said Dobrinski.

For the students it was worth all the work.

"I had several kids in my group that had never flown before. So, one of the neat things about the orchestra is getting the chance to travel and perform in different places and to be exposed to different cultures," said Jeremy Scott, Orchestra Director at Putnam City High School.

The orchestra has the honor of performing last. 

“It was really cool to have 500 to a 1,000 people in the audience standing up and clapping when you play the state song to end a concert,” said Dobrinski.