Bench's Gold Gloves Head Home To Binger

Friday, September 29th 2017, 4:35 pm
By: Brian Mueller

Bobby Bench made the 13-hour drive from Cincinnati to Binger for a very specific purpose, to reunite all 10 of his father's Gold Gloves at his hometown museum.

"It just kind of game," Bench says. "If most of them are here then why not all the other four be brought together with it?"

It was a two-year project, tracking down the remaining four. Three of them were easy to find. The fourth remained unaccounted for, until a lucky coincidence.

"We were going through some old pictures," Bench says, "and we found the restaurant owner Malio, who's holding the Gold Glove with a thank you note, and dad just realized, 'Oh yeah, that's where I put that.' You know you've made it when you lose track of your own awards."

It's a reunion a long time in the making.

"I was expecting fireworks," Bench says, "or at least something to come out of them all together, but it's real special, to have it here in his hometown of Binger. It's that much more special to him This place will always hold a special place in his heart."

You have a museum, a street, and a ball field named after Johnny Bench, but the baseball hall of famer's most important contribution has been to the students of his hometown, giving nearly $300,000 worth of scholarships in the last 24 years.