Thunder Basketball: My Journey This Season

Friday, September 25th 2015, 10:28 am
By: News 9, Steve McGehee

Up, Up and Away will be the name of the game for me this Thunder basketball season. I love to drive, but for a few months my Ford Blitz truck will get to know the parking garage at Will Rogers Airport a little better.

My semi-fear of flying will certainly be put to the test.  Who out there likes turbulence?  My grip on the seats tighten up on every bump, especially right after take-off.  One lousy up and down flight from Greensboro to Pittsburgh several years ago has pretty much ruined the joys of flying for me.

Three hand pats on the right side of the doorway as I enter the plane, that's my comfort connection for a good flight, superstitious?  You bet when it comes to flying.

Any you need any frequent flier miles, I may have a few out there.

We're counting on the friendly skies to put us as every road game, fingers crossed that we make every connection.

I have faith we can do it, just like most us have faith in the Thunder this season.

It will be a fun ride covering the Thunder for 82 games and then some, just hoping the bumps will be few and far between,  for the Thunder and me.