Medical Marijuana Passes In Oklahoma: So What's Next?

Wednesday, June 27th 2018, 9:05 am

Oklahoma voters made their voices heard on a controversial state question, Tuesday night. 

State Question 788, the legalization of Medical Marijuana, passed with 57% of the vote. The group opposed to medical marijuana released the following statement: 

It says in part "We are obviously disappointed by the outcome....However we respect the will of the voters." 

Now lawmakers will have to come together to advance this new law. House Majority Leader Jon Echols said applications could be out as soon as the end of August.

He did say that was a very aggressive timeline.

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But Representative Echols doesn't anticipate the law's implementation taking Oklahoma as long as some of those pioneer Colorado. He told News 9:

"The citizens of the state have decided that they are in support of this law, so there aren't necessarily any changes that need to be made...What I would like to see happen is putting together an orderly process for getting your permits to sell it to be a dispensary. Getting your permits to grow it...we put together some common sense regulations for what home growth looks like. We're not looking at changing any of the fundamentals."

Meanwhile Governor Mary Fallin released a statement saying she stood by her stance that the new law is too loosely written. 

But she said she will be discussing with legislators and state agencies about options to make sure marijuana is truly used for medical reasons.