State Board Of Health Approves Emergency Marijuana Regulations

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 9:08 am

The Oklahoma State Board of Health approved the emergency rules to govern the state's Medical Marijuana Authority.

The board approved of the rules with the exception of selling smokable cannabis. 

The Health Department received public comments since June 26. Ahead of Tuesday's meeting, the board released revised emergency rules on Sunday. 

Click here to read the final draft of the rules. 

These rules cover everything from licensing to who can sell medical marijuana to prescribing medical marijuana to a minor. But ahead of the meeting, various groups are weighing in; Including several medical organizations that held a press conference Monday. 

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Together they made three recommendations: eliminate the sale of smokable cannabis, require pharmacists to be in the dispensaries and limit the initial number of dispensaries and locations to 50.

"I think pharmacists are involved every day with helping patients take their medications properly, working with physicians, achieving the best health care outcomes. We're also there to make sure that we're looking for potential drug therapy problems. We're not exactly sure how marijuana is going to interact with the other medications but you have to have a healthcare professional at least involved at some point to help the patient take this as safely as possible," Dr. Justin Wilson, Board of Pharmacy. 

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