Fertility Clinics Criticized For Losing Eggs And Embryos

Friday, July 13th 2018, 10:54 am
By: Ashley Holden

A number of fertility clinics across the country have faced backlash after losing thousands of patients' eggs and embryos.

In each case there was some sort of failure with storage. Local doctors say they're working to ensure patients in Oklahoma feel secure. Doctors at the Bennett Fertility Institute at Integris say these situations are a nightmare.

But, locally they have safe guards methods in place. 

Dr. Eli Reshef said there's not a 100% guarantee but between automatic,electronic,and manual layers of monitoring, the institute feels they are doing everything they can to keep their patients' safe.

Dr. Reshef serves on the board of Assisted Reproduction Technology that oversees fertility programs on a national level. 

He said there are more safeguard standards the institute follows that nationally need to be checked. 

"Clearly we need to make sure that the storage tanks are up to date. We need to make sure that precious human material is transported to long term facilities that do exist and we do use them," said Reshef. 

Dr. Reshef said he's talked to his patients and also reached out through the Institute's Facebook page to make sure everyone feels secure.