Pharmacy Board To Discuss Disciplinary Action For Executive Director

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 6:14 am

There's a special meeting Wednesday to discuss possible disciplinary action against the Executive Director of the State Board of Pharmacy.

This comes after authorities confirmed Executive Director Chelsea Church is under investigation. Wednesday's meeting is being held to discuss her employment. 

Church is being investigated after some text messages surfaced. Those messages appeared to show her attempting to bribe former health department attorney Julie Ezell.

Church appeared to be offering Ezell a job at her agency in exchange for rules requiring a pharmacist at medical marijuana dispensaries.

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One of the texts allegedly from Church read, "You get me a pharmacist in dispensary and then come to our office. I guarantee I can do more than you have now."

The Oklahoma County District Attorney has confirmed that he asked state investigators to look into the series of texts.

Ezell was later charged with sending threatening messages and lying to authorities. Wednesday the board plans to meet and discuss Church's job and the possible appointment of an interim executive director.

The meeting today is set to take place at the State Board of Pharmacy offices at 2 p.m.