Parents Discuss Appropriate Age For Kids To Have Cell Phones

Monday, August 13th 2018, 11:12 am
By: Ashley Holden

A majority of area students head back to the classroom this week, but will your child walk in the door with a cell phone? 

"I first got my first cell phone when I was in middle school about 12 years old," said Gabrielle Reyes. 

Reyes' son is apart of the Edmond School District. Even though the pair still take trips with a stroller, she said she's already started thinking about the day she will give her son his first phone.

"Around the same age I got it. I know there are some kids in his elementary school that have phones and that's just kind of alarming to me just because they're so young," she said.

Stephanie Westmoreland has two sons that are both under the age of five, but she said she's thought about that first phone as well. 

"I have friends that have kids that are third graders that have phones and to me that was a little early," Westmoreland said. 

"We've talked about it we've talked about maybe when they get a car, we've talked about the ones with just wifi before that, she said. "But every child is different..."

"Age I don't know if it's as important as the maturity level of the child," said Felicia Manning, Counselor at Sunbeam Family Services. 

"I would ask myself as a parent how mature are they. Do they follow the rules at home and at school too." Manning said.

If a parent does decide their child is ready for a cell phone, Manning said there are restrictions parents can consider. "I don't recommend a data plan with an initial cell phone and the cell phone not be expensive," said Manning.