Counselor Discusses Ways To Prepare Students For Active Shooter Situations

Tuesday, August 14th 2018, 10:25 am
By: Ashley Holden

Many students across the country will at least do lock-down drills practicing how to stay safe in dangerous situations.

Psychologists tell News 9 addressing the topic is important. This can help put some of those ease some of those concerns and also keep kids aware. 

With a five-year-old son in the Edmond School District, Gabrielle Reyes knows this all too well. 

"He doesn't really watch the news so he's not really aware. I know at his school they've had drills but I don't think at five he understands what's going on," said Reyes.

Reyes said she hasn't specifically addressed active shooter situations but she has talked to her son about ways to be aware.

"We have talked about stranger danger and what to do. We should address it we should have a conversation with our children," said Reyes. 

That's exactly what Felicia Manning, Counselor with Sunbeam Family Services recommends. 

"To have a conversation like as to the importance of being where you're supposed to be  when it's time to pick up after school that it's important that everyone is where they should be and easily to include in that conversation that this is going to be apart of our routine," said Manning. 

She also recommends stressing the importance of safety measures already in place in their environment. 

As for Reyes' son, she thinks this conversation will come up eventually.

"If it's not something that he sees on t.v. or God forbid happens at his school...I think that will just come about," said Reyes. 

Manning said if parents are anxious or need advice on how to talk to their kids about dangerous situations, she recommends seeking professional help from a counselor.