Police Staff Extra Security For Students After Luther HS Stabbing

Friday, August 17th 2018, 8:46 am

Luther High School students return to class Friday morning, just 24 hours after a freshman was stabbed at a school assembly.

The Luther Police Chief confirmed officers will be in attendance next week. 

Superintendent Barry Gunn said students that weren't picked up from their parents Thursday continued school. Gunn said the district would be trying to help students find normalcy again. 

Gunn said the process started right after the incident and would continue Friday. 

"We've got extra counselors coming in we'll have extra counselors here tomorrow. We run busses tomorrow and we come back and we do the best we can. We pick ourselves up and we try to go back to normal," said Gunn.

As for the two freshman students involved, neither name has been released.

At last check, the female victim was stable.