Police Discuss Consequences Of School Threats

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018, 9:22 am
By: Ashley Holden

The school year just started and already metro districts are dealing with threats.

Just in the past week we've seen different responses to multiple school threats. Last Thursday in our area we saw two school threats. 

One was directed at a middle school in Norman. The other was made against The Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

In the case involving the middle school, two men were arrested. One is facing charges of felony terrorism hoax.

The school for the deaf canceled class for a full week. Five days after the threat the school told the media the threats were traced back to a suspect in California.

News 9 spoke with the Oklahoma City Police Department about these type of calls. They said every situation can be unique so it's hard to give a general answer.

When it comes to consequences for those involved, Msgt. Gary Knight said those go beyond the police department. 

"The consequences obviously that's not in our hands if we believe an arrest...if we have probable cause for an arrest we're going to do that especially if it keeps kids safe. But in terms of what they receive in terms of jail time prison time that's all up to the judge that's all up to the criminal justice system," said Knight.

Knight stressed the main focus in all these situations starts with safety and security.

As for the School for the Deaf, classes will resume Monday.