Parent Moves Student To New District Over Luther Security Concerns

Tuesday, August 28th 2018, 11:26 am

Less than two weeks into the school year and parents in Luther say they are still concerned about security.

One mom told News 9 her son was on the "hit list" that came out last year at the school. The student who allegedly made the list was expelled.

But several parents reached out to News 9 concerned because they said the student is back in school. 

One parent said with the hit list incident and the stabbing on the first day, she chose to enroll her son in another district. But she's still calling for a change. 

"They should be proving to us as parents that our children are safe...they should be doing more in education as far as getting them into education. They should be doing more than guilting a child for trying to better their education. They should be doing more than just being buddies. They should be trying to excel," the mom said.  

Luther Superintendent Barry Gunn said he could not legally talk about the situation or confirm the student was back in school. 

But he did give us this statement: "Every student that attends Luther Public Schools has a legal right to do so."

Ultimately the parent News 9 spoke with decided to enroll her son in another district out of precaution.