Guthrie's Historic District Receives National Recognition

Wednesday, September 26th 2018, 10:24 am
By: Ashley Holden

The city of Guthrie's Historic District is in the national spotlight.

The area has officially been named a "Great Neighborhood" by the American Planning Association.

Walking down the streets of Guthrie one gets a small glimpse of what Oklahoma looked like when the state was just getting off the ground. The city was founded back in 1887 as a railroad stop, gaining residents during the Land Rush. 

This all before becoming the state capitol in the 1900's. 

Rebecca Blaine is the Planning Director for the city she said this charm is something residents see everyday. 

"I think that you will find in Guthrie that our citizens have a deep sense of pride in our downtown," said Blaine.

But now the American Planning Association has taken notice of Guthrie's historic district in the city's downtown. It has been named to the APA's Great Places in America list. Each year the association picks five "great" neighborhoods,public places and streets. 

Now people outside of Guthrie can really get a feel for what Guthrie has to offer and a small peek into what once was the "Wild West".

"I think as long a we understand our history that helps us determine where were going," said Blaine.