Man Confesses To Placing Cameras In Nichols Hills Home To Watch Teen Girl

Thursday, November 1st 2018, 5:44 pm

The Nichols Hills Police Department is warning homeowners to be careful about who they let in their homes. This comes after one family found out they had a Peeping Tom watching their young daughter’s actions from a hidden camera.

Nichols Hills police call the incident surprising and troubling at the same time.

“The homeowner was having some difficulty regulating the climate in their bedrooms. They called out a heat and air company,” said Nichols Hills Police Chief Steven Cox.

According to court documents, cameras were found in the vents of the family’s teen daughter’s bedroom, bathroom and closet. The documents go on to say they were secured with zip ties and being powered through the home.

“The home is under renovation, several different contracting crews were inside the residence,” said Chief Cox.

Police made a list of those who had been working in the home and determined the suspect was 39-year-old Ryan Alden.

The family said Alden was working on wiring in the home.

Ultimately, Alden confessed to installing the cameras and viewing the footage.

“This family did everything right, you know. They had the companies came recommended. They personally knew the individual that placed these cameras inside the home.” said Chief Cox.

Police along with federal officials are trying to figure out how long the cameras were being used and are checking other electronics.

Alden is facing multiple charges, including manufacturing child pornography.