Police Offer Advice To Homeowners After Suspect Admits To Planting Hidden Cameras

Thursday, November 8th 2018, 10:16 am
By: Ashley Holden

It’s been about week since a man admitted to watching residents in at least two metro homes through hidden cameras.

Now police are giving advice to local homeowners on how to protect themselves.

According to court documents, the suspect 39-year-old Ryan Alden, worked for Sound Advice. The company is a home entertainment and security company.

Sound Advice confirmed Alden was an employee for about three years. They said if anyone had Alden work in their home, those customers can give them a call.

Nichols Hills Police told News 9 they are working to figure out if there are more victims. In the meantime, people that are concerned can do a few things to secure their home. 

They recommend looking for an extension cord or power source that they aren’t familiar with. Police said homeowners can also change their WiFi password and make sure the password isn't posted anywhere around the home.

They said many times people have them on the side of their router, but people should better secure that login information.

Nichols Hills Police said they are trying to figure out if there are more victims and said they would do their best to contact any additional people.