OHP Unveils New 3D Technology To Recreate Crash Scenes

Thursday, November 15th 2018, 6:40 am
By: Ashley Holden

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is hoping to save time and better protect troopers with the addition of a new software. 

The computer program is called Pix 4D and stitches together aerial and even ground photos to create a 3D rendering. OHP said they plan to use it to recreate crash scenes.

In terms of pictures, troopers are going to utilize drones. 

"We received a federal grant to purchase 11 drones," said Lt. James Loftis with OHP.  "We've outfitted them across the state."

OHP's drone program officially began last year, but so far they've just been used to create 2D images. 

Now, the hope is, the new program will take that to the next level all while increasing efficiency and safety.

"It speeds up the time we are required to be on scene and don't cause as much back up," said Lt. Loftis. 

During mid-November, troopers came to the training center in Oklahoma City to go through a week long training program for Pix 4D. 

Those attending the class, and the troopers that will be using the software, were apart of OHP's Traffic Homicide Unit. 

Prior to the class, those participating took another class on flying drones, were certified through the FAA and received further training from OHP.

After a week of classes, OHP is ready to start seeing things in new dimensions.