Civil Lawsuit Filed Against Alleged Child Pornographer

Tuesday, February 12th 2019, 9:32 am
By: Ashley Holden

An alleged child pornographer is heading back to court, this time in a civil suit.

The suit is filed against Ryan Alden and Sound Advice, a security and tech company where Alden was a former employee. 

Alden has admitted to hiding cameras in multiple homes across the metro and taking images of underage children. 

He’s facing multiple criminal charges, including manufacturing child pornography, and is being held in the Oklahoma County Jail as the criminal lawsuit moves through the courts.
The civil lawsuit involves a family that says Alden installed cameras in their young daughter’s bedroom, bathroom and closet. 
According to court documents, Sound Advice was hired to install security cameras outside their home. 
Now the family is asking for over $75,000. 
The family’s attorney, Scott Adams told News 9 they want to prove a point. 
"There's a bigger picture here," said Adams. "We need to send a message to every security firm out there, and anyone that does this type of work, that if you decide to go down this road and if you decide to invade people's privacy and do something as perverted and sick as this is, not only are you going to be destroyed financially, but you will also be destroyed by going to a penitentiary."
Adams said there could be more former employers that are eventually named in the suit. 
"He'd worked for some other security firms in the past," said Adams. "I believe there were some indications that, you know, he had a propensity to do these types of things, and they didn't act on it or do anything and that's what we are developing."
The preliminary hearing for Alden's criminal case is scheduled for Feb. 20.
The preliminary hearing for the civil case against Alden and Sound Advice is scheduled for August 29.
News 9 did reach out to Sound Advice for a comment but their attorney did not have one.