Family Finds Hope After Local Chef Dies In Hit-And-Run

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 10:27 am
By: Ashley Holden

Police are still looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run from March 21.

Local chef Chad Epley was hit and killed when he was riding home from work.

“For me it’s a lot of anger,” said Chad’s brother Gregory Bundy. “It’s a lot of trying to be okay.”

Chad’s mom Charla Story said not being able to find the driver is something that has bothered her more than she thought. 

“Grieving my son is traumatic but then that part that’s there’s somebody out there that killed another person,” said Charla.

In police obtained surveillance video, what looks like a black sedan drags something causing sparks. Police think the driver hit Chad and drug his bike 10 block, all before leaving the area. 

The family said they can't help but keep looking for the car and the person responsible for Chad’s death. 

Gregory described it as his mission and said he’ll never stop looking. He says he'll never stop looking but feels like the clock is ticking.

“If we don’t get it now I don’t know if we ever get it,” said Gregory. 

Charla said Gregory and Chad were very close. 

It’s hard to watch all this happen and think there’s a positive silver lining, but Chad's family may have found just that with the help of people they don't even know. 

“Two recipients that were waiting for four years have received, “ said Charla. 

Chad was an organ and tissue donor. This week Charla found out her son's kidneys were just two of a few donations left behind. She said so far they know the two men that received kidneys have families of their own.

“I think we are hopeful and prayerful that they would want to meet us,” said Charla. 

She told News 9 they are working through a slow process with the organization Lifeshare to hopefully meet the families Chad impacted. 

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