State Unveils New MyOklahoma App

Thursday, January 30th 2020, 6:15 am
By: Ashley Holden

Oklahomans can now renew their car registration and order birth certificates all from their phones.

The state unveiled the new myOklahoma app Jan. 29. State officials said the goal is to streamline tasks that usually require people to leave their homes or at least make a phone call.

It's free on both the Apple and Google Play app stores and was developed through a partnership with the company PayIt.

Users register with the app using any email address and then work through prompts to order birth certificates or renew their vehicle registration. 

myOklahoma can also store payment information and receipts.

Secretary of Digital Transformation David Ostrowe told News 9 this app was coming back in November, while giving an update on the the mobile ID app. At that time, he said state officials were finalizing myOklahoma. 

"It will display your vehicle registration in the first version," said Secretary Ostrowe. "The second version were now asking should we be able to display the birth certificate on the same app. It's a very easy, I guess, tweak for us to do in version two of that."

The current version of the app has the ability to display a digital copy of the user's vehicle registration. As for more developments, News 9 is hoping to learn what other features could be coming to myOklahoma. 

Governor Kevin Stitt said he thinks this app will also help Oklahoma residents as they prepare to get new ID's. 

“This new digital tool will also play a vital role in helping Oklahomans prepare to transition to REAL ID driver’s license later this year, as each person will need to provide a government-issued identity document as part of the new, federally-mandated application process," said Governor Stitt. 

The Department of Public Safety said they will start issuing those ID's in April. 

If people want to try out myOklahoma head to the new app's official website.

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