Parents Distraught 2 Weeks After Two Daughters Reportedly Run Away

Wednesday, October 31st 2018, 7:45 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

An Edmond family is beside themselves after their two daughters suddenly ran away from home.

Shakira Russell, 13, and Tiara Russell, 15, were reported as runaways on October 17. The girls left home through a bedroom window.

Two weeks later, there’s still no word from either of them.

Edmond Police says that both sisters were in contact with friends who told them they had planned to run away during fall break, but no word as to where.

Natalie and Kenneth Russell adopted both girls three years ago. They were shocked to discover their daughters ran away after just spending quality family time at the dinner table the night before.

“We were just all sitting there talking and reading out journals to each other,” said Natalie. “My girls read journals to me every night and so that was the biggest shock to me because I had no idea.”

The family immediately contacted police.

“Every day I’m sitting here waiting and just wondering all day long where they are, what’s going on,” said Natalie. “It’s traumatizing and torturing to our minds every day.”

Police say the sisters have not tried to contact their biological family.

Shakira and Tiara have medication they need to be taking.

Police have followed up on several leads which have turned up nothing.

Tiara attends Santa Fe High School and Shakira is a student at Heartland Middle School. Police are asking the parents of children that attend both schools to ask if they are aware of anything concerning both sisters.

If you have any information, you’re asked to give Edmond Police at a call at 405-359-4420. Tips can remain anonymous.