Oklahoman Inspired To Become Politician After Life-Changing Meeting With George H.W. Bush

Monday, December 3rd 2018, 10:19 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

George H.W. Bush has inspired many across the country both young and old, including those in Oklahoma. 

Scott Mason, 35, has quite a story to tell.  After studying the 41st president in elementary school, he had the opportunity to meet George H.W. Bush over two decades ago. Ever since, he knew politics was his calling.

“He was just so kind and generous and compassionate,” said Mason.

Mason remembers it as clear as day, meeting George H.W. Bush for the first time in Poteau, Oklahoma. A cherished memory that lives on in picture and autograph.

“I remember him grabbing me by the side and bringing me in for the picture. It was more like a grandfatherly figure,” said Mason. “It wasn't a formal handshake, but he took me in as if I was one of his own grandkids for that picture opportunity and meeting him.”

From there, Mason was determined to serve his community.

“I got involved in student government at Oklahoma University and was also involved in our college of journalism, while I was political science major,” said Mason. “I was allowed to audit classes in the Gaylord College of Journalism and was an anchor on our OU nightly tv broadcast.”

As fate would have it, Scott would land another opportunity to meet the former president. This time, in a 30-minute on-camera interview.

“From my memory, the interview became less of an interview and more of a conversation as if we were two old friends. It was incredible,” said Mason.

Former President Bush's passing has been tough, saying goodbye to the man whose impact has lasted a lifetime.

“I would tell President Bush thank you for the encouragement and the inspiration. That you have a little boy from Cordell Oklahoma, to go on this road, this journey of public service,” said Mason.

Mason continues his career in politics, hoping one day to make it to Washington D.C.