OHP Trooper Remembers Meeting George H.W. Bush

Wednesday, December 5th 2018, 8:02 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Millions across the country honored former President George H.W. Bush Wednesday during a funeral service

One man in particular is an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, who met the 41st president during a visit to Oklahoma in the late 2000’s.

Captain Brian Orr has spent nearly 17 years serving and protecting our community. The opportunity to protect the former president was the privilege of a lifetime.

“He was one of us,” said Orr. “Just because he was the president, he made us feel just like him.”

Orr took a photo with Bush on the tarmac at the University of Oklahoma. Once Bush landed and walked off the plane, he immediately greeted Orr and his team.

As you can imagine, he was a bit nervous.

“Meeting the president of the United States, absolutely,” said Orr. “But he just makes you feel so comfortable. It was real easy to get over that nervousness.”

As one nation says goodbye, so does an Oklahoma trooper thankful for the experience of a lifetime he'll never forget.

Former President Bush flew over College Station, Texas where he will be buried Thursday next to his wife and daughter, Robin.