WATCH: OKC Students Perform In Special Olympics Arts, Music Talent Show

Thursday, March 28th 2019, 6:44 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

It was a special day for students at Western Heights High School in Southwest Oklahoma City Thursday, as they got a chance to express themselves in a creative way.  

It was all part of the Special Olympics Capitol Area Art and Music Competition. Many students began practice as early as the holidays for the big day.

“It was a day for students that don't always have opportunities to shine, to really shine,” said Elizabeth Bley, who organized the event. “Their personalities really come through.”

If a race wasn’t underway, Guns N’ Roses was on at full blast as a drummer showed off his skills.

Henry Weathers was the days “master of ceremony” and was also among many performers. Weathers had his favorite.

“Defiantly the SpongeBob,” said Weathers.

Students’ art was on display outside the gymnasium.

Senior Ashton White won second place for his artwork. His eyes were on a competitor.

The day may have been about the arts but for teachers and parents, it served so much more. It's the priceless gift of expression.

“They are excited to be able to present to you what they are able to do, this is where they are at,” said Arlene Fitchue, a TA Assistant at Edmond North High School. “To see them excel, that is where the warming of the heart come in, the pure joy we see on their face.”

Organizers say plans are already in the works to make next year bigger and better.

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