Family Files Police Report After 4-Year-Old Left Alone On Cyril School Playground

Friday, April 12th 2019, 7:37 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

The family of a pre-kindergartner is searching for answers after their daughter was left locked out of school on a playground without staff noticing. 

Four-year-old Skyelynn Comte was left unattended at Cyril Elementary School on February 20.

The child's grandmother, Michelle Barlow, discovered Skyelynn was missing while picking up other children. Barlow says a teacher brought Skyelynn outside and told her she had been lost on the playground. 

"The thought of her being scared and alone outside, it was terrifying," said Angel Comte, Skyelynn's mother.

Comte says her daughter was brought back to the family daycare traumatized. 

"She was playing hide and go seek with her friends, and she was hiding behind a big tree," said Comte. "She says she sat there, and nobody came to find her. And when she came out, she was outside on the playground by herself."

The Comte family says they haven't received a clear answer from the school district to indicate how much time Skyelynn spent outside unattended. 

With no help nearby, family says Skyelynn climbed a 6-foot tall fence near the school to get back inside.

Family says Skyelynn came home with scrapes, bruises, and limped while walking for a couple days. 

"I'm so thankful that she didn't fall from the top of the fence and hit her head. Nobody knew she was out there. She could have been bleeding," said Barlow.

"She could have walked the opposite direction because she was scared, or somebody else could have picked her up. She had the presence of mind to walk to the front of the school for help,” continued Barlow. 

The incident strikes a chord with the family, as they operate a day care of their own. 

"As a mother who is sending a child to a public school, you have the same expectations that I would have that my parents at my facility have for me," said Comte. 

"At my day care, teachers will be out on the playground with the children and you will hear one teacher ask another, 'What are your numbers?'" said Barlow. "That's just a cue to count your children and make sure that we don't have one on the side of the building where they shouldn't be."

Cyril Public School Superintendent Jamie Mitchell provided the following statement to News 9.

"Cyril School is aware of the claim you referenced in your email. We have investigated but due to FERPA we cannot comment as to the specifics of our findings. At Cyril school the safety of our students is our highest priority."

Nearly two months later, the Comte family still is unclear how the incident happened and what is being done to make sure that something similar doesn't happen again.

"I feel like not one amount of accountability was taken," said Comte. "Not one ounce of accountability on the school’s behalf was ever taken."

Comte says they have pulled Skyelynn from Cyril Elementary School and plan to move to a new school district. 

A police report has been filed. 

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