Edmond Father Accused Of Attacking Daughter, Trying To Cover It Up

Monday, January 20th 2020, 11:51 pm
By: News 9

Edmond police say a man's ploy to avoid going to jail for abuse included damaging his neighbor's property.

According to authorities, Guy White is accused of brutally attacking his daughter and driving her vehicle into a neighbor's mailbox.

Police said White concocted an elaborate story to cover up the abuse.

An officer's body cam captured White's confession after he was confronted by detectives. 
The owner of an obliterated mailbox was snapping pictures when she was confronted by Guy White. 
"I was taking pictures and a man showed up and said his daughter hit it," the owner said. 
The woman said White told her it was an accident. "He said she had a big good egg on her face from hitting, and that she had dropper her phone." 
But his story didn't match up with what she saw on her surveillance video. In her video she saw a silver SUV being driven by a man passing her mailbox, then reversing. 
"He was antsy and very close to me while I was looking at the video, and then asked me if I would say that it was him because his daughter got her license less than a month ago,” said the woman.
She believed White was lying and investigators said her gut instinct was right. 
According to court documents, White was behind the wheel of his daughter's car when he intentionally drove into the mailbox. 
The girl told police her dad came up with the story after he choked, punched and bit her in the face. He told her "he had a plan that could make this all go away, "in an effort to explain her injuries. 
When police confronted White, he broke down.
Police: I know she didn't wreck into a mailbox. So you want to tell me what happened? Cause your daughter is scared.
White: Scared of me?    
Police: Yup.

White: I'm not going to lose her. And I don't want to live if I Lose her. I'm not going to hurt anyone.
White eventually claimed that he lost his temper. 
White: I love her. It's something that happened so fast. I couldn't think. I live for her. 
Records show White is a felon who was illegally in possession of four guns that were seized.

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