Local Rapper Accused Of Stealing Car And Breaking Into Several Vehicles

Friday, March 15th 2019, 11:18 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A self-proclaimed rapper is in the Logan County Jail after a bizarre crime spree last week.

According to police, Patrick Desjarlait first stole a car from a victim in Ponca City.

Then in the overnight hours of March 8, officers said Desjarlait drove that car to a Guthrie Love’s Travel Stop.

An officer who was on break noticed the vehicle on his way into the gas station.

The officer said the main reason it caught his attention is because it smelled like marijuana.

No one was inside the car, but the passenger window was rolled down.

Moments passed, and police said the driver never returned to the car.

Investigators ran the plate number, and the vehicle came up stolen.

Then, the officer spotted another piece of evidence.

“They see what appeared to be a handgun,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

Police reviewed the Love’s security footage and realized they missed the suspect by a matter of seconds.

Desjarlait was seen grabbing a hotdog from the store and walking into the bathroom.

When officers checked the restroom, they found more clues.

“They did find his jacket and a half eaten hot dog, that he had taken from the restaurant,” said Gibbs.

Officers searched the vehicle and reported finding a child's ‘Paw Patrol’ backpack in the trunk, a ski mask, marijuana, and a box knife with a taped handle.

The stolen car was towed to a nearby wrecker lot.

But less than 24 hours later, the same officer from Love’s spots the ‘Paw Patrol’ backpack.

Police said Patrick Desjarlait had it in his possession, and he was found hiding on a stranger’s front porch.

“The officer knew it was left in the vehicle during the impound,” said Gibbs.

According to the report, Desjarlait told investigators the gun found was a BB gun.

That turned out to be true, it was a BB gun made to look like a handgun.

Police said that’s when the suspect realized he incriminated himself.

Officers then went to the wrecker lot crime scene.

They said not only had the original car been broken into, so had a handful of others.

Police said that there was also graffiti on a few cars that spelled out “King Dos.”

That’s when Desjarlait made another admission, according to officials.

“We ask, are you employed? What's your employment? At this point he says, ‘I am a rapper and I go by King Dos,” said Gibbs.

Desjarlait was booked into the Logan County Jail on one count of possession of a stolen vehicle, 6 counts of burglary, and one count of possession of marijuana.