Medical Marijuana Dispensary Forced To Re-Locate Due To Error With License

Friday, April 5th 2019, 9:34 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A dispensary will have to pack its bags, according to The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. 

Last month, the OMMA said it began investigating Ivy League Cannabis on 4th Street in Moore.

The dispensary was originally issued a license, but there was a mistake, according to the state compliance unit.

Ivy League was within 1,000 feet of Vista Academy, a public school in Moore. 

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“The owner will have 30 days to correct that violation, so they can move their location. They can do that by submitting a change of location to us,” said Melissa Miller, a spokeswoman for the OMMA.

Miller said that the business is required to check the surrounding area prior to license approval.

“We do look at the documentation that the applicant supplies. They are required to give us documentation,” said Miller.

Workers at the agency also do their own research, but in this instance an error was made.

Jason Greene, a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, is the owner of Ivy League. He said that he went through all the proper channels.

“We did all the research. We triple-checked with the state just to make sure,” said Greene.

He said thousands of dollars and a ton of time have gone into the 4th Street location.

While Ivy League does have other locations, this will be a large loss, according to Greene.

However, this is not an isolated incident. The OMMA said there are a number of other shops with the same issue.

“There have been three that we have issued a notice of violation, and then there are six more we are currently looking into,” said Miller.

In each investigation, the OMMA reports it has 14 calendar days to make a case determination.

But the question remains. If a shop is not compliant, does the state have to pay back any funds lost by the business owner in the mix-up?

“Our rules do indicate that the application fee is non-refundable, beyond that they will have the opportunity to have a hearing,” said Miller.

These rules apply to a public or private elementary, middle or high schools, according to the agency.