David Payne's Winter Weather Forecast

Monday, November 17th 2014, 11:02 pm
By: News 9, David Payne

This 10-day cold snap we're experiencing is about to end, but not for long, so if you love the cold and you love the snow, then you'll love what's ahead.

This year is an El Nino year, potentially packed with surges of arctic air, which takes us back to the Blizzard of 2009. We all remember the Christmas Eve blizzard, the governor declared a state of emergency in Oklahoma, we had more than 13 and a half inches of snow in Oklahoma City, the state was shut down, we had nine fatalities and winds to 65 miles per hour. That was an El Nino year, but that was a strong El Nino back in 2009-2010. El Nino isn't predicted to be that strong this year, but we can't rule out that we won't have a couple of big storms in here.

That's because there'll be less wind around the poles, allowing more arctic air to push south toward Oklahoma. This, combined with the weak El Nino, will cause more moisture and likely more snowfall. You get those together, cold from the north, moisture from the west and southwest, and that's when you start to have problems.

When it's all said and done, I think over half of the country, maybe two thirds of the country will have a colder than normal winter from the Rockies north and south and then off to the east, that includes Oklahoma. As far as the precipitation goes, a good part of the southern states will have above normal precipitation.

Right now, everything points to a colder winter and a snowier winter and above normal snowfall for much of Oklahoma.