Red Dirt Diaries: Once Famous Magician Still Believes In The Magic Of Marriage

Friday, March 15th 2019, 8:35 pm
By: Karl Torp

Len and Lillian Sparagowski will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary next month.

If the name sounds familiar, it is probably because Len Sparagowski was once a famous magician.

He performed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and in front of three U.S. Presidents.

“It’s history now,” said Sparagowski about his magic days.

These days the couple knits together, and is piecing a quilt together to mark their 75 years of marriage on April 19.

“She so pretty,” said Sparagowski about his wife, who he met right before being sent off to World War II.

“The taxi pulled up, these guys get out, and I didn’t see anybody but him,” said Lillian about the first time she laid eyes on Len right before he was sent off to the war.

Sparagowski knows quite a few tricks, but it’s their family friend who has something up her sleeve.

Kathleen Wilkes is hoping to collect anniversary cards for the couple as a surprise.

She’s reached out to Oklahoma politicians and even U.S. Presidents, but she hopes you too can send a letter of congratulations as well.

Any anniversary cards to Len and Lillian Sparagowski that arrives at News 9 station will be delivered to the couple’s home in south Oklahoma City.

 “I think it’s important to hear for anyone, to know that you are loved,” said Wilkes.

“I wouldn’t part with him for anything,” said Lillian Sparagowski.

“I enjoy every minute of it,” added Len Sparagowski.

If you’d like to send the sweet couple an anniversary card, send them directly to the News 9 station.

KWTV News 9’s address:

7401 N Kelley Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73112.