Medical Marijuana Grow Operations In Vacant Buildings A Concern For Del City Officials

Monday, April 8th 2019, 5:54 pm
By: Karl Torp

When there's a fire, firefighters want to know exactly what's behind the doors they are rushing through.

But if its medical marijuana being grown, there's a good chance that’s not being shown on a sign out front.

Del City is trying to clear up any confusion by requiring current tenants to remove the signage of former tenants out front.

“If that building has been obsolete and they still have that signage and another occupancy has gone in, then we are assuming that's what is in there,” said Del City Fire Chief Brandon Purcell.

Del City is currently home to two medical marijuana grow operations, that don’t advertise what they are out fear they’ll become the target of thieves.

“The more discreet the better,” said Grower Chelsey Davis.

Davis got notice from the City that he needs to remove the signs out front of his grow operation to get an occupancy permit.

Davis is also required to post his address on a sign if he doesn’t want to advertise what type of business is inside.

“They know where the buildings are what they are,” said Davis about emergency responders.

“It could be that the Oklahoma City Fire Department responds. It could be Tinker or Midwest City. It’s a safety concern for all officers involved,” said Chief Purcell.

Davis feels the requirement is unnecessary and could single out his business to thieves if there is an address sign out front.

“Absolutely a security risk,” said Davis.