New Technology Treats Urinary Incontinence In Women

Thursday, April 12th 2018, 5:29 pm
By: News 9, Robin Marsh

Women of all ages say it's a secret problem that is also embarrassing. But now, new technology is helping women who suffer from urinary incontinence.

"I love running, I love being active but sometimes my bladder doesn't agree with me, ever since I had kids," said Alyssa Rolston.

Rolston didn't expect to have this problem at 30 years old.

"You cough or something happens and you are like 'oh no,'" she said.

Urinary incontinence was interfering with her life and she knew she needed help. Rolston heard about new technology to help fix it. Bella Luce Med Spa in Oklahoma City right now is the only place offering what is being touted as a breakthrough in urinary Incontinence.

"This is doing a great job of putting things back the way they used to be," said Amber Stachmus, a P.A. at Bella Luce Med Spa.

For a 28 minute session, Rolston comes in and sits down and the Emsella machine goes to work.

"This is the first device of its kind for treating urge and stress incontinence," said Stachmus. "She is actually sitting on an electromagnetic field that is creating contractions in her pelvic floor muscles. She feels kind of a tingling sensation, you can actually feel some of those muscles contracting. Certain points you probably feel that a little stronger than others."

It's like doing 11,000 Kegel exercises in one sitting.

"It's noninvasive, no downtime  with it," said Stachmus. "They literally come in two times a week for three weeks, sit here and read a book, enjoy their quiet time and it strengths everything."

And Rolston says so far, she is seeing major improvements

"I'm on my fourth right now but after the first treatment, I started noticing improvement," said Rolston. "Now when I run, I don't have to be afraid of accidentally having something embarrassing happening while I'm running."

Bella Luce has also seen improvement in men with urinary incontinence due to age or certain illnesses. The cost for six treatments is $1,000.