News 9's Storm Tracking Couples

Sunday, March 17th 2019, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

All our storm trackers are part of a two-person team in the field. But for Hank Brown, Marty Logan and Val Castor, their partners on the chase are also their partners in life.

“We've loved storm chasing for so long, and it’s just a part of our lives,” said Amy Castor, News 9 Storm Tracker.

Riding shotgun, Amy Castor, Debbie Logan and Patty Brown admit they help keep their husbands safe while chasing Oklahoma's biggest storms.

“He might be surprised,” said Amy. “You can be his second set of eyes and so that just the exciting part about being a partner is just being there to help him.”

However, the three also play a vital role in storm chasing.

“I'm always giving him radar updates or I’m giving him roads,” said Patty Brown, News 9 Storm Tracker.

Along with watching the skies, the three also give constant updates on social media and run the video cameras that give viewers an up close and personal view of the storms.

“It just gets better every year, we just have so much new technology to work with, and it's exciting to see what that new gadgets gonna be to make what we do even better,” said Amy.

Amy and Patty have more than 20 years of storm chasing experience, while Debbie is just getting started.

“I have a lot to learn,” admitted Debbie Logan, News 9 Storm Tracker. “I'm anxious to learn and to get to know the ropes.”

A retired nurse, Debbie is ready to continue helping others across the state.

“That has been my whole life, helping others and I want to keep doing that but with my life partner, with Marty, to help him do what he loves doing,” Debbie said.

“I’m a current nurse,” said Patty. “When you wanna help people, that’s just who you are and that’s just who I am. I love to help, I love to be there for others and so storm chasing goes along with that.”

“The fact that we are contributing to something that’s so great to be able to warn people, that keeps us going,” said Amy.