My 2 Cents: Major Disruptions During Senate Confirmation Hearings

Monday, September 10th 2018, 11:53 pm
By: News 9

The Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was an absolute zoo at times.

If you didn't see it, the Democrats came loaded for bear, with a coordinated blitz on the Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley, who was unable to reign them in.

Their goal was to delay the hearing, really to shut it down and try to put off the whole process until after the mid-term election when maybe they win back control of the Senate.

It was raucous, their constant interruptions were cringe-worthy, but the Founding Fathers, I believe, would have been satisfied that the minority party had been given their voice.

But the 177 protesters, who waited in line like normal spectators and then popped up and started screaming, were just uncivil.

It's important to keep the hearing open to the public, but the disruptions are disrespectful to the nominee and his family.

Surely, I'm not the only one who's thought of this idea.

Simply give the Chairman or his liaison a kill switch for the microphones and the second someone pops up turn off all the microphones in the hearing room until they're escorted out.

They're doing it mainly for TV, don't give them any airtime and it might slow it down.    

The whopping $35 fine for disorderly conduct they have to pay sure isn't.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.