Your 2 Cents: Branding Oklahoma Including New Tags, New Slogan

Tuesday, July 9th 2019, 11:38 pm
By: News 9

Our new Lt. Governor is leading the charge to re-brand Oklahoma, including new license plates and a new slogan to take the place of Oklahoma is OK.

Here are two of our state's previous license plates. I asked you for some ideas and I got a lot of them.

Here are a few: 

Dustin from Woodward joked,  "How about, 'Oklahoma, not as good as Texas, but way better than Kansas!'"

Cindy from Norman likes the old style shield and I do too. She said, "It's simple, good looking and instantly recognizable as being from Oklahoma."

TD writes, "Because of everything Oklahoma has been through, I pick 'Oklahoma Strong' with a picture of a thundering buffalo."

A lot of you like "Oklahoma Strong."

Marie from Del City said, "I would have our state outline with our state flag in the center. Family friendly..."

From David, "You're doing fine, Oklahoma!"

Tee says, "I still love the old slogan, ' Oklahoma Native America' with the Seminole on it."

I think Tee is talking about the one with the Apache warrior firing an arrow into the sky. I like that one too. 

Amaris quipped, " Oklahoma - a cellar and an air conditioner will get you by." 

Finally, Robin from Edmond writes, " I always think the new tags look like a splatter of bird poop. I like the bison one and Oklahoma standard." 

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.