My 2 Cents: Why Didn't Convicted Killer In Logan Co. Deputy's Murder Receive Death Penalty?

Tuesday, September 3rd 2019, 11:26 pm
By: News 9

Convicted killer Nathan LeForce didn't just murder Logan County Deputy David Wade, he executed him.

LeForce, who wasn't being investigated, and was merely a bystander as his friends were being evicted from their home, chatted with Deputy Wade. Then, a few minutes later, LeForce walked up to him, pulled out a gun at point blank range and fired into Deputy Wade's chest.

The first shot hit his vest and knocked him down, then LeForce stood over him and shot him four more times, the last bullet to Deputy Wade's face.

That's an execution.

Pre-meditated, yeah, he had some time to think about shooting the lawman after their earlier conversation.

How then does that not deserve the death penalty here in Oklahoma?

One juror out of the 12 who said, before they were selected, they could impose the death penalty, but couldn't under these circumstances.

I understand what a difficult decision that is, I witnessed an execution several years ago. It wasn't pleasant.

But back then, I kept in mind that lethal injection was much easier for that man than when he shot an innocent elderly couple to death.

Deputy David Wade was executed while on the job protecting us. We have to protect our law enforcement officers and I think we came up short this time.