Prague Family Raises Money For 3 Funerals After Children Killed In Arizona

Monday, January 27th 2020, 5:33 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

The father of three children allegedly murdered by their mother said he had no indication of what was coming. The family had just moved to Arizona from Lincoln County in June. Pedro Rios said they were living in Arizona with his aunt and everything was going good. Until he woke up to a nightmare.

“I’ll never get to see my kids smile, laugh, I won’t get to teach them to ride a bike or read a book,” Rios said Monday.

Rios said the last time he saw his three kids was one week ago. He said he had come home from work and his older kids met him at the door. He played with them for about 30 minutes before their mother Rachel Henry told him she was going to put them down for a nap.



Pedro said he dozed off. After he woke up, he was talking to his grandmother in Oklahoma on the phone. He went to pull back the sheet of his youngest daughter who he thought was sleeping on the couch and discovered she was dead.

“I picked her up and I was like, ‘grandma what do I do’ and she was like give it CPR and I said I don’t know how.”

He said he ran outside to get his aunt who went into the house and discovered the other two children.

“It hurts me that I didn’t even realize my other two kids lying next to me,” Rios said tearfully. “I just saw my daughter, my smallest daughter.”

Court papers said Henry admitted to smothering all three of the children and then laid them on the living room couch as if they were taking a nap.  Henry never told the other two people in the home what she had done. Pedro said she acted like nothing had happened.

“She just tried to watch a movie and cuddle,” he said.

Pedro and his family are trying to raise money to bury the children. Below are two GoFundMe accounts that News 9 has verified is going to the family.

To help bring the children back to Oklahoma, click here.

To help with the memorial, click here.


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