Witnesses Say They Heard Victim Cry For Help Before Grady Co. Double-Murder

Wednesday, January 29th 2020, 10:53 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Newley released court documents are providing a deeper look into a double-murder out of Grady County.

Corwyn King allegedly killed his parents on January 16 in front of three witnesses.

Police said after he was arrested, he then made disturbing statements.

Investigators said it happened at 4th Street and Colorado.

King was walking away from the scene with a gun, according to police. When they tried to stop him, they said King turned the barrel towards an officer and fired at least four shots, and only stopped when his gun jammed.

“It all happened so fast. There was cops all over. The guy just put his hands up and goes down,” said Viva O’Grady, a witness.

The victims have been identified as Deborah Hisel and Stanley Hisel who were King's mother and stepfather.

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The case affidavit paints a gruesome attack.

Witnesses said, "they heard Deborah cry for someone to call the police..." saying "he is shooting us."

But Corwyn then allegedly "told the witnesses to get out of his house…" and as they were running away "they heard more gun shots..."

In the cop car, officers said he made statements like, "I should have done it the other way." "There's one more I got to take care of, but I want to do it the legal way." "There is still one more I got to go get."

Memorial services have been scheduled for the couple on February 1.