[UNFILTERED]: Introducing The Next Generation Of Community Journalism

Thursday, March 29th 2018, 12:53 pm
By: News 9

We're passionate about the 'On the Scene, On the Story" brand that makes News 9 your choice for local news -- and so is the next generation of journalists.

That's why we're launching a new community journalism project called [UNFILTERED].

Its formal name is: [UNFILTERED] – A Community Journalism Project.

We’ve partnered with Mike Boettcher – a News 9 alumnus and CNN pioneer. Mike is a veteran war correspondent, award-winning journalist and visiting professor at OU’s Gaylord College of Journalism.

Along with News 9's help, Mike and his students will begin a grassroots effort to engage an audience through topic-driven journalism. Additionally, we’re empowering that audience to tell its OWN story while showing the process of how news is gathered. This is a digital-first project – you’ll see content on all our digital platforms, especially social media. We’ll use Facebook Live reporting to encourage live forums – to discuss, share and learn.

It’s another example of how News 9 is On The Scene, On The Story.

The Teacher Walkout provides a unique starting point. Mike and his students will be providing digital content to supplement our statewide coverage.

Much of it will look “raw” – Facebook Lives, vertical phone video, lightly edited pieces, a glimpse into story meetings – and that’s one of the reasons it’s called [UNFILTERED]. We’ll also be providing a forum for you and your community to narrate your story… unfiltered.