Oklahoma’s Female Attorneys May Be The Solving Factor To End Teacher Walkout

Sunday, April 8th 2018, 3:40 pm
By: News 9

A pact of 100 female attorneys from the state plan to meet with legislators to help facilitate a deal for better education funding in Oklahoma. 

The women of Girl Attorney, LLC will meet with members of the 56th Legislature to contribute a sustainable solution to end the teacher walkout. "Various stakeholders have proposed possible solutions, and we expect our elected representatives to be able to speak intelligently about the merits and potential pitfalls of each," the organization stated.

These women describe themselves as well-educated citizens who love a good challenge. The group of mothers and non-mothers uniformly declare their support for educators and students. "Today we extend our support to the women and men demanding that the Oklahoma legislature can and must do better."

Tulsa Attorney, Becki Murphy initiated the whole idea on Facebook. In the viral post, Murphy announced more than 100 fellow female attorneys from Oklahoma have asked to meet with legislators to “discuss a resolution to this educational funding nightmare.” The post attracted support from all over with more than 11,000 shares. 

Murphy, an adoption attorney and mother from Tulsa, signified to lawmakers, “There will be change, and it will be for the better of our children.” The coalition with Girl Attorney, LLC are expected to meet at the Oklahoma Bar Association Monday morning between 9:00 and 9:45 a.m. before retreating to the Capitol at 10:00 a.m. Teachers have been asked to clear a path as the advocates walk over. 

State teachers are on the brink of the second week of a teacher walkout. The Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) said teachers will continue to walkout after the hotel-motel tax was repealed by the Senate this week. OEA President, Alicia Priest, stated teachers also want capital gains passed before returning to the classroom. The Senate took up three separate measures for education funding. 

If the attorneys are unable to contribute a sustainable solution Monday, the organization determines they will move forward with other plans. "As Oklahomans, we so pride ourselves on our ability to come together in difficult times that we gave it a name. We call it the Oklahoma Standard, and that is what we expect from the people we sent to the Capitol. If a legislator is unable or unwilling to contribute to a sustainable solution, then we will work to find a replacement."

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Girl Attorney, LLC is a national organization founded in 2016 by Oklahoma City University School of Law graduate, Susan Carns Curtiss. The organization seeks to provide a community of support and encouragement to women attorneys across the globe.

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More than 100 female attorneys from the state are planning to meet with legislators to help foster a resolution to the education funding problems facing Oklahoma.