OKCPS ‘Pathways To Greatness’ Survey On Repurposed Buildings Ends

Monday, February 11th 2019, 6:25 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A survey asking for community members' input on what to do with Oklahoma City Public School (OKCPS) buildings being repurposed ends at midnight Tuesday.

Last month, Superintendent Sean McDaniel presented three options or "paths" the district could take. It’s all part of the “Pathways To Success” initiative.

Plans A and B would consolidate and repurpose as many as 15 schools, mostly elementary schools.

Plan C consolidates and repurposes as many as 18 schools.

“What we think might be a good fit for a part of a neighborhood or the community, that part of the community itself also has some ideas about what they'd like to see,” said McDaniel.

District officials said more than 1,400 people have taken the online survey so far.

“It asks people would you like to see a community center, would you like to see a birth to three-year-old program, would you like to see a clinic?” McDaniel said.

McDaniel will make his recommendation on a “path” on February 19. The OKCPS School Board makes its final vote on March 4.

“This is hard work and it is upsetting,” said McDaniel. “It is full of anxiety for a lot of people, but our community continues to weigh in and that's what we've needed.”

Click here to complete the survey on repurposed buildings.

Community members have their final opportunity to address the school board in person at 5:30 p.m. Monday inside the Northeast Academy Auditorium located at 3100 N Kelly Avenue in Oklahoma City.