OKCPS Superintendent Gives Update On Pathway To Greatness

Tuesday, January 14th 2020, 6:35 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

The Oklahoma City Public Schools superintendent gave an update on the state of the Pathway to Greatness plan Tuesday.

One semester in, Dr. Sean McDaniel said there have been both triumphs and challenges.

"This is a radical change that upset the apple cart for thousands of people," McDaniel said.

He said there is room for improvement within the consolidation plan.

Challenges include transportation.

The board expressed interest in hiring more drivers.

Student discipline and incorporating fifth graders into middle school has also been a concern.

McDaniel said Taft area fifth graders will stay at Linwood next year.

Former Seeworth students will also stay at Putnam Heights.

McDaniels cited the access to mental health, art and STEM programs throughout the district as victories.

"All 33 [elementary schools] have a full-time music teacher, a full-time art teacher, a full-time counselor," McDaniel said.

Among all these celebrations and concerns, class sizes have called for both reactions.

"A goal of ours is to reduce elementary class size, and on average we did. We know that there are people above that average who, last year, their class sizes were lower than their classes," McDaniel said.