Oklahoma State Secretary of Health, Jerome Loughridge, said Governor Stitt issued the executive order with the hopes that Oklahoman’s can get back to a more normal way of life by April 19.

Loughridge is hoping that with new orders in place the spread of COVID-19 will slow down in the state.

“We will know in these next two weeks if these efforts have worked,” said Loughridge. “If we are flattening the curve and if the rate of infection is slowing, which we think will be the case.”

State officials will also be staying on top of testing, with more capabilities to test and more test kits coming into the state.

“Now we can expand of the types of folks we are testing,” said Loughridge.

Loughridge shared they are working to develop a plan to partner with two hospitals to create a facility for COVID-19 triage.

“There will be one in the Oklahoma City area and one in the Tulsa area,” said Loughridge. “The hospital community is working together to decide where those will go and from there they will decide how best to staff them and what resources they will need.”