Local nonprofit leaders have launched a plan to combat COVID-19 in the homeless population.

Two alternate shelters have opened within the City Rescue Mission and Grace Rescue Mission, with beds placed six to ten feet apart.

“People will be assigned to a shelter based on their needs, and beds will be planned for according to symptoms and needs,” Director of Homeless Services at City Care, Dr. Deb McCullock said.

According to McCullock, the major existing shelters are set to begin health screening for new arrivals, and the goal is to set up two more alternate shelters in the near future.

“We will have screening and if someone is screened as having positive symptoms, they will be isolated. If they are having symptoms that warrant medical treatment, we will arrange for them to be transported,” McCullock said.

The screening services will not be open to the general public, and there is no special treatment for COVID-19 at the shelters.

Anyone who wishes to help with the mission can volunteer with the Homeless Alliance or head to 405maskmakers.com, where you can donate materials or sew masks.

The masks will go to shelter staff, volunteers and guests.