The number one thing people can do right now during the COVID-19 pandemic is build up their immune systems, doctors recommend.

Binge-eating and hours of Netflix is not the way to do it.

Functional doctor, Laura Miles, said theoretically, if people boost up their immune function, the virus may not hit people as hard.

"It doesn't mean you won't get it, and it doesn't mean you won’t have a severe case, but at least you’re doing something to try to help yourself not to get as severe of a case or maybe avoid it, in general,” Miles said.

The best thing people can do is to get sleep.

"We know that if we can get good, quality sleep of six to seven hours of sleep a night, our immune system is boosted the next morning,” Miles said.

Miles said research has proven that the more hours of sleep you get before midnight, it sets to our natural circadian rhythm, which makes it worth double the sleep.

The next best thing you can do is to focus on your nutrition.

"It’s important to work on eating more simple foods, meat and veggies, and don't forget the spices. Spices are great immune boosters,” Dr. Miles said.

It’s also helpful to add spices and ingredients like oregano, garlic, lemon and turmeric to your meals.

Miles said to cut the starches and dairy, and no drinking alcohol.

It’s also important to get outside to exercise.

"We know that vitamin D is so very important for the immune system. If you go outside and get some sun on your arms and legs, you know we recommend 10 minutes, three to four times a week,” Miles said.

Miles also said people can take healthy supplements like vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin B.

It’s also fundamental to keep your stress level down, and if it means meditation, then, do it.

“If we are constantly in the fight or flight mode, the immune system is handicapped,” Miles said.

Miles said it’s important to stop smoking. Smokers are at a high risk of severe COVID-19.