COMANCHE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Satellite COVID-19 testing centers are now open in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, McAlester and Kay Counties, but the state is still in need of more testing kits.
Multiple people have contacted News 9 over the last few weeks and shared their concerns about their inability to get tested.
The most recent was a metro contract nurse who asked to remain anonymous. At every point in his story he seems to get turned away from testing. 
He said he's treated people that were highly suspicious of having COVID-19 but without tests there's no way of knowing.
Last week he said he started noticing he lost weight, got a headache and then developed the common COVID-19 symptoms.
His place of employment recommended he contact employee health. The nurse said he tried the State Department of Health's hotline but really didn't get any help.
"When they are taking care of health care workers they are taking no precautions," said the nurse.  "Even now my work is saying 24 hours without a fever and come to work.
At that point he thought his best bet at getting tested was a drive thru site in Comanche County where he lives.   
"I had ran temperatures everyday I had cough I had intermittent shortness of breathe," said the nurse. "So I went through there I let them all know but they took my temperature right then, said it was 99 [degrees] and said were only testing above a hundred." 
He also said his friend in Tulsa, that he's been in close contact with recently, had symptoms as well. She was able to get tested but has been waiting on results for almost seven days. 
The nurse shared his concerns about the future as more people get in contract with the virus. 
 "Anything like this is just going to completely overwhelm the health system," said the nurse. 
He did update News 9 after the interview and said after almost a week of dealing with symptoms his work place is going to help him get tested.
The nurse said he's relieved and hopes more tests become available.