A group of six Oklahomans is back in the Sooner State after being stuck in foreign travel bans.

The team was made up of health experts and first responders who went to Kenya under a philanthropic education initiative.

However, that all changed with the recent pandemic.

Kenya's president initiated a country-wide quarantine that trapped them with little food or medicine.

Heartbroken, a spouse of one of the travelers sent us a message for help.

“Amanda sent me a very disturbing text message. She said they are in fear of their safety, fear of unrest,” said Dr. Jerry English.

The couple’s 12-year-old son Eric was also with his mother in Kenya.

But as of Tuesday night, all six members are back in Oklahoma.

It took a lot of media attention, and both state and federal political muscle, and for that the family said they are thankful.

“We have been working on this since the 15th, but just the last 48 hours was the most critical. I stayed up and talked to them at night, while they are awake is our normal bed time,” said State House Rep. Mark McBride.

Though, the travel back to America did bring its own challenges.

“Since they went through New York, now they are quarantined for another 14 days. So, they went through quarantine in Africa, and now they are quarantined at home,” said McBride. “They are totally exhausted right now. After all they have been through in the last few days, 40 hours of travel.”

The group said one day they will share their story. For now, they need rest.